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Im Gonna Fly


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  1. I'm gonna swing from the chandelier From the chandelier I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist Like it doesn't exist I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night Feel my tears as they dry I'm gonna swing from the chandelier From the chandelier But I'm holding on for dear life Won't look down, won't open my eyes Keep my glass full until.
  2. Jan 10,  · I'm Gonna Fly - Paul Brandt [Intro] E A E B (since the CD fades in this is what I play for the intro) [Verse] E A Seven years old in my radio flyer E B E Red cape tied around my neck, top of Thompson's hill A E B E Billy said I was a liar and now I'm scared half to death E A Becky said Billy was dumb I shouldn't listen to him E B But I had.
  3. Lyrics to 'I'm Gonna Fly' by Paul Brandt. Seven years old in my radio flyer And cape tied around my neck Top of Thompson's hill Billy said I was a liar And now I'm scared half to death.
  4. Jan 16,  · Push play to hear “Im Gonna Fly” duet recording One afternoon in I came home and found a message from Waylon Jennings on my telephone answering machine. Life had been a lot like an Easter egg hunt of late with good things showing up around just about every corner, so I can’t say the call surprised me so much as delighted me.
  5. Nov 29,  · I'm Gonna Fly Lyrics: Yeah / You ever have one of them days / When you wake up and you wish you could just forget about everything / Throw the pain away for just one minute? / .
  6. [Intro] E E A A E E A A [Verse] E A One day, the whole world looks like an open page E A You've been dancing as fast as you can with a smile on your face C#m And then the earth and the sk.
  7. Sure as you're born, I'm gonna fly One of these days I'm gonna fly Big girls weep, little girls cry It's always been, don't ask me why One of these days I'm gonna fly [Chorus] To a place where men are free To a place where it's alright to be Just an average guy Who likes to fly [Verse 2] Some folks cuss, some folks lie Sure as you're born, I'm.
  8. I'm gonna fly No one knows where But I'm gonna fly I soar thru the air. All of my life seems I've waited For the time to start Being the person inside of me Unafraid of being me No more faces to hide behind Just a smile and a dream that's mine Even if I'm the only one who wants to fly. If I had my life to live over again I'd run bare foot.

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